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Wood & Resin: Earrings: Amethyst Black Oak

Wood & Resin: Earrings: Amethyst Black Oak

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These are a beautiful mix of purple and pink resin earrings- hypoallergenic hardware. They are stamped 925 (Sterling silver) with rose gold plating. We have had multiple reviews from people with sensitive ears who say they can wear them with no problems.

"The Butte fire of 2015, killed a large amount of trees. We decided to find a way to make the dead trees new again, by using them to make these earrings. Every pair of earrings is unique, as no piece of wood is the same. The resin is free poured by hand, which creates room for variety and change in our designs and colors. There are no cookie cutter molds used in the making of our earrings."

-Wood & Resin